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Competition Winners

Jill Smith 2018

was the winner of this years
Lace Challenge entitled Anniversary

Jean Tatham 2017

Happily I won the Bookmark Challenge this year.
It's Torchon Lace designed by Susan Roberts from a piece of lace in the collection at The Hollies.
I saw the pricking in a "Lace" publication. It's worked with 44 pairs of Egyptian cotton 80.
I really enjoyed working it as there were several techniques I had not tried before and I'm always keen to work something new.

Gillian Duncan

To mark the group's 25th anniversary the committee set us the challenge to make a hat.
So graph paper to hand I designed a ring of lace. Once I had worked the pattern, which took about four month, and taken it off the pillow I was not happy with the size, so had to rethink my design.
I stiffened the lace with a diluted solution of PVA glue, and was then able to manipulate it.

I bought a hairband which I covered with silk ribbon the same colour as the lace thread, then stitched the lace to it, I then made a lace frill to trim the back of the hat. I used a polystyrene wig stand to help me get the shaping just right.
Finally I worked a lace flower and leaves in a contrasting colours, attaching these to the front of the finished hat.
I am now looking forward to a wedding to wear it to.

Jean Tatham

Won the 2016 group Lace Challenge with her Idrija Horse.
She used Venne 40/2 multicolour for the body and
DMC Special Dentelles 80 for the mane and tail.
She was given pattern by her tutor Tricia Bury, whilst on a course in Dillington.
Because she wanted to use the variegated thread the pattern had to be reduced.

Doreen Creed
was presented with this trophy,
picured with her winning entry, for the 2009 Lace Challenge
which was to make a coaster

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